Simon Ganahl: Mapping Austrofascism and Beyond

Report on the Digital Research Project Campus Medius

Campus Medius explores and expands the possibilities of digital cartography in cultural and media studies. In this article, I elaborate on the development of the project from a historical case study to a mapping platform. The first chapter presents the initial version (1.0/2014) of, an interactive map with a timeline displaying fifteen events within twenty-four hours in Vienna on the weekend of May 13 and 14, 1933. The second part discusses the current version (2.0/2021) of the website that additionally focuses on the main event of this exemplary time-space or chronotope: an Austrofascist “Turks Deliverance Celebration” (“Türkenbefreiungsfeier”) in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace, which is imparted from a bird’s-eye perspective, panoramically, and in street view by five mediators each. The following chapter deals with the technological infrastructure and the data model of Campus Medius, which operationalizes the theoretical concepts of the dispositif and the actor-network. In conclusion, I outline our plans to establish a digital platform for describing and visualizing media experiences in everyday life.