Marek Jeziński & Łukasz Wojtkowski: Nostalgia Commodified Towards the marketization of the post-communist past through the new media

In this paper post-communist nostalgia in contemporary Poland as a specific form of cultural practice is examined. The phenomenon is characterized by the references to space, time, people and human activities evoking nostalgic feelings and emotions rooted in past of a particular human group and it is defined through the media practices as a certain kind of product functioning in and by the media.
The post-communist nostalgia is presented as a kind of folklore that functions mainly in the new media as a sphere of cultural commodity of emotions and is manifested by the internet blogs, shops (one can obtain the communist era products), ‘memory’ sites profiled to bring the recollections from the communist past (virtual museums, fora discussing TV shows, TV series, toys, books, products, etc. coming from the 1970. decade), websites chatting about people (politicians, artists, sportsmen), places or events coming from the socialist era.