Adams Bodomo: Against the Hypothesis of a China-EU Collaboration in Africa

In this paper, it is argued that the often stated “Win-Win-Win” hypothesis (WWW-hypothesis) for a so-called trilateral cooperation between Africa, China, and the EU/West is all but a hackneyed hypothesis that is seriously flawed and yet it continues to be championed by media (as contained in many print magazines and online reporting) in the West and in Africa. If this flawed WWW-hypothesis is allowed to be repeated over and over again and remains unchallenged, it is at risk to develop into an (un)intended collusion between China and West that can scupper a rare chance for African development in the 21st century. Four main arguments are advanced against the WWW-hypothesis of China-West joint-operations in Africa as being beneficial for the three entities. Finally, an alternative proposal, the Africa-driven “Win-for-All” hypothesis (AWA-hypothesis), involving healthy competition for investments in Africa between all key players, including Brazil, China, India, Russia, and the West is outlined.